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With incomparable fresh, thought-provoking, super melodic melodies, trippy riffs, and an adept heaviness that immediately consumes— Natasha Spizelli is often compared and considered one of the most talented guitar players of our time due to her songwriting, playing abilities, use of guitar techniques, and truly unforgettable live performances. In 2012, Natasha Spizelli gained prominence for her project, Lena Lou, performing all guitar duties and composing all instrumentation. Although no longer active, inquiries are still received from around the world. A frenzy had been created over Lena Lou through word of mouth all over the globe after the release of “The Live EP” as a must see act due to their precise emotionally charged live performances, haunting sound, dedicated fan base that is spread internationally, and the ability to leave every crowd wanting more. The sincerity in Lena Lou’s music  created a refuge for fans, a no age barrier, and acceptance from individuals confined to different genres. Demand  brought Lena Lou to radio in Europe,  popular venues up and down the west coast playing with several popular & Grammy award-winning bands. Lena Lou was approached by the nationally acclaimed organization “Stand Up For Kids” and performed their “48 hours on the street” fundraiser  in one of Seattle’s meccas, Westlake park, that was attended by thousands to raise money for homeless youth. Spizelli took some time off to pursue higher education, advocating for children with disabilities, and started a successful california based business. She now lives in Southern California and works as a session musician. Natasha Spizelli is available for live shows, studio work, national tours and guitar lessons.

Lena Lou is still regularly featured on various websites, radio, and in publications; trekking the world in every way possible. With the passion, dedication & loyalty this band gives and receives it’s no doubt that they are undeniably, THE premier rock band.

“Lena Lou is all instrumental led by female guitarist Tasha Spizelli, and it’s luster is intoxicating. Super charged shoe-gaze captured with a Jimi Hendrix meets Radiohead melodies, Lena Lou is absolutely in a category by herself. Stepping on all the rules she commands a room with her stark guitar presence and demands you sit up and take notice. Her ability to transcend gender barriers so often placed to male guitar leads is rivaled with her band that charges the stage and leave the audience wanting more. This show is definitely worth checking out.”

– Caleb Arnold – Seattle Show Gal

“lena lou are an instrumental 3-piece fronted by tasha spizelli, resembling the better parts of bands like russian circles and mogwai. i actually saw tasha dislocate her left pinky while tearing it up on her 7-string at the end of their set.” ** she actually dislocated her index finger**


“ Lena Lou, a band from Seattle playing trance-y instrumental rock that goes from spatial and psychedelic to dive-bombing roars, sometimes within the same song. The band is led by guitarist extraordinare Tasha Spizelli, who is very adept and skilled at her instrument as she makes you totally forget that there is a missing vocalist.”
-Mark Earnest – Reno Metromix

“Seattle’s best – and only – progressive post-rock band Led by songwriter/guitarist Tasha Spizelli and featuring new members Brian Joyce on drums and Daniel McManus on bass, Lena Lou opened proceedings with a high-octane set. Showing off numbers from their debut The Live EP, the intimate setting of Fuel Sports played right into the band’s strengths; mellow, introspective passages rubbed shoulders with raging, aggressive movements, all within the same songs. The fluid and instrumental nature of the songs made it difficult to discern individual songs as they were being performed. It was hard to argue with the musicianship and actual playing, though; Joyce was a rock behind his kit, McManus might well be the snazziest bass player in the world, and Spizelli – aided in no small part by the Mike Soldano SLO-100 amp – was the guiding force of the music, embodying every nuance and subtlety in Lena Lou’s diverse and myriad sound. Lena Lou bring something very new and different to the table.”  

-Michael Perera, Seattle Concerts (Jun 24, 2011)
“Lena Lou is seven shakes of awesome sauce”
-Thomas F Atwell IV – Blackbird Orchestra

“The live nature of the music is part of the design; there’s no studio trickery here, and neither does there need to be. Lena Lou is strictly instrumental, and this benefits the music in so many ways. No pesky words to distract us from the gorgeous tones of Spizelli’s guitar, whether delicately plucking strings or effortlessly switching to a crunching seven-string distortion attack. Without vocals, the music is free to roam and establish its own identity. It’s futile to fault the formula, considering how well it works. When the mood is mellow and the tones ring out as clear as windchimes, your mind wanders into new places, new soundscapes. Spizelli’s undeniable guitar chops make each song its own imaginative journey. This isn’t just your typical soft/loud dynamic; this is intelligent, thoughtful music. 5.0/5.0: Music this engaging and unique is hard to find, but Lena Lou have nailed it perfectly on The Live EP.”

Michael Perera – Alternative Music Talk